Terms and Conditions

PureBoston utilizes natural botanical products in our disinfecting process that will temporarily disinfect surfaces from contamination by most known contact-transmitted viruses. These would include the novel Covid-19 virus which is known to spread both by contact with contaminated surfaces and human contact. The hospital-grade disinfectant product – Bioesque - eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, fungi, molds, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and, viruses - including COVID-19 – within minutes of contact. The product has been safely and successfully used throughout the country for several years to treat private homes and public facilities during the cold and flu season. Disinfection is effective when performed after standard cleaning protocols have been implemented. Because this is not a controlled environment, we cannot guarantee the cleaning and treatment we provide will leave the surfaces in your facility 100% free of viruses and germs. Following treatment, we know of no product currently available that retains any significant enduring or residual effect; our service destroys microbes present at the time of treatment. If contamination occurs afterwards the area must be treated appropriately again.